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Radio Holding Fortuna – is the largest radio broadcasting company in Georgia. It owns four the most popular radio stations: Fortuna, Fortuna Plus, Ar Daidardo and Avtoradio.

Company Radio Sakartvelo accounts for 75% of Radio advertising market in Georgia, since its radio stations are remarkable for:

  • The highest ratings obtained from public opinion polls, regularly conducted by well-respected research centers and institutes of Georgia;
  • The largest spectrum of audience. Four different radio formats with different target group, gives the possibility to reach  the broad range of listeners,
  • The largest zone of coverage – entire territory of Georgia;
  • Diverse and engaging radio programs, that holds listeners attention  and help to build large, and loyal audience;
  • High-class Production Studio, offering high-quality radio commercials.


  • Radio Fortuna, 106.9 Fm

Fortuna’s music library represents the best of the native and world’s pop and classical music. The news is broadcasted at the beginning of each hour, after a classical musical piece. According to the international classification the format of this staiton is SOFT AC.

Staffed 12 hours, 6 days a week by a dedicated staff, Radio Fortuna relies heavily on a strong team of news professionals, who deliver information live from hottest spots of Georgia as well as from worlds’ major summits and congresses.

The listeners of  Radio Fortuna are active and progressive well- educated business oriented people, who  appreciate the quality. On these frequencies they find the music, which creates the pleasant atmosphere for everyday activities. The main components that create the image of  radio Fortuna is stability, reliability, friendliness, courtesy and respect. The presenters of Radio Fortuna are known for their exquisite and inteligent manner of presentation.

The target group of Radio Fortuna  are educated people over 25 years old, whose income is above avarage. This particular group is the ideal environemt for adverisers.  The representatives of this category are the most frequent buyers, who want to be up on what is new.

The target group: male-40% , female-60%, 25+

  • Radio Fortuna Plus, 103.4 Fm

The format of this station is a mixture of EHR and Dance formats. The music of Fortuna Plus is intended for the young generation; however it also attracts people of various age groups who love energetic dance music. The listeners Fortuna Plus are people who live active lives, have progressive and positive way of thinking, and always strive for success.

Radio Fortuna Plus holds the leading positions in the radio market in its own age group, and is considered as the most stylish and progressive radio station.

The slogan of the radio station is – “Energy, Rhythm and Good mood”.

The target group: male-46% , female-54%, 18-40 .

  • Radio Ardaidardo , 96.7 Fm  (Tbilisi)

The format of the station- National Golden Hits. The musical repertoire of this station is based solely on Georgian music, beginning from 60’s to present. The radio station attracts a large spectrum of audience since its takes into consideration the taste and nature of Georgian audience. In the eveinging time, when people come home and invite guests, they can listen to the Georgian traditional fiest and folk songs, which are the essential part of Georigan table. The music is blended with various games and rubrics, which are very popular among its audience.

The work experience suggests the unrelenting interest among all social groups to this radio staion. Ar Daidardo  can be heard everywhere: in the cars, stores, offices, at homes.

The top 1 postion in ratings in the audience 18+, show that this particular radio station is very special among the Georgian people and therefore, the advertisers very eagerly place the  advertisement on Ar Daidardo.

The target group: male-50% , female-50%, 18+

  • Avtoradio, 95.1 (Tbilisi)

The format of Avtoradio consists  of several musical janre, which go together by tune and mood:  russian, french, georgian bard music, traditional and contemprorary city romance songs, russian and foreign pop songs and selected latin music. The music is blended with traditional as well as specific  to this radio content. These are fresh traffic, safety,  commuter and event information, useful tips about cars, customs clearance, buisness and car industry news.  Moreover, for those who like to play games the radio offers dinamic and attractive radio quiz-shows with valueble prizes. Avtoradio cooparates with the Department of Motorvehicle, Traffic Police and  reliable news agencies, which provide the rapid and efficient information to the station.

Avtoradio does not repeat the the musical styles of other radio stations.  These circumstances allow these radio station to coexist and not to compete with other stations of Company Radio Sakartvelo, and therefore, occupy  its own nishe.

Avtoradio – the music for our souls.

The target group: male-60% , female-40%, 25+

Coverage: Georgia